Birding in Rhode Island Saturday Feb. 25

Hullo Outdoorsfolk,

Come learn about birding with the Outdoors Club! I will be leading a trip to Trustom Pond in South Kingston, Rhode Island on this Saturday, February 25th to attend a program by the Rhode Island Fish and Wildlife Refuge Complex called Birding for Beginners. We will leave from Outdoors House at 12pm on Saturday and return around 5:30. The especially good news is: this trip is totally free! The program is described on the Fish and Wildlife site as:

“Birding for Beginners- Birding by Habitat

Different habititats attract different avian species. In this program, participants will learn first how to determine which species they might find by analyzing the surrounding habitat. Afterwards we will search for bird species typically found on the woodland habitat of Trustom Pond NWR. Some ID guides and binoculars will be available. Led by Shannon Grifftith, USFWS Volunteer.”


If you’re interested, please dress appropriately for the weather and make sure to eat lunch beforehand or bring something with you. Sign up for the trip by emailing me at Places will be saved by a first come-first serve basis.  Also, please let me know if you have a car on campus and would be willing to drive. The number of places available on the trip depend on how many drivers we have. You would be reimbursed for gas if you drive.

Hooray for Birding, for Outdoors, and for hopes of more lovely weather!

-Carrie Decker


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