Helloooo Fall 2012!

Heya outdoorsy ragamuffins!

Welcome to yet another wonderful semester of outdoors club activities! If you’d like to hear about trips and keep up-to-date on our plans, send a blank email to outdoors_club-on@wheatoncollege.edu and follow the instructions. Plans for each trip will be sent out to the entire email list from the trip leaders and if you want to go, reply quickly! Attendance is first come-first serve and spaces for each trip are limited.

Is there a specific place you want to go hiking? Have you always wanted to try kayaking? Do you want to go camping but don’t have the gear? Anyone is welcome and encouraged to lead or co-lead a trip! If you have an idea, please do bring it up and we’ll figure out a way to get things rolling. The club is what we make of it, and the variety of trips depends on each of your involvement–feel free to ask!

Questions? Ideas? Musings? Email me at baldwin_emily@wheatoncollege.edu and I’ll help you out or point you in the right direction.

Here’s to a fantastic semester! Glory!


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